MPH Foundation

 The MPH Foundation is the core of our pro-bono, volunteering and community work, providing a vehicle for all our charitable giving and donations in alignment with the firm's corporate responsibility objectives.

The Foundation, which is managed by an employee-based advisory committee and overseen by the MPH Foundation Trustees, tends to favour smaller charities where the funding can be shown to make a sustainable impact and where administration costs are at a minimum. It also prioritises charities in which the firm’s staff can have an active involvement.

Examples of charities we have helped are:

Rafiki Surgical Missions
Working with a number of leading Western Australian health professionals, we helped establish Rafiki Surgical Missions in 2004. We continue to coordinate Rafiki and raise funds for its continuing growth. Since its first trip in 2004, more than 22 surgical missions to Tanzania have changed the lives of over 1200 Tanzanians with conditions such as cleft lip, cleft palates and burns contractures. The operations have not just helped the patients by alleviating the pain and suffering, but have helped them to become accepted members of their communities.

Volunteers from MPH have also assisted Rafiki send 38, 40-foot containers of desperately needed second-hand medical equipment to hospitals in Tanzania. With a replacement value of over $8M, this equipment is greatly needed and being put to great use by hospitals, dispensaries and clinics in Tanzania.

Australia Tanzania Young Ambassadors
We were instrumental in establishing the Australia Tanzania Young Ambassadors, a non-government organisation focused on developing cross-cultural relations between youth in Australia and Tanzania. ATYA also plays a major role in assisting underprivileged schools in Tanzania with infrastructure and educational needs. Since its establishment, 17 water wells have been drilled and three water wells have been refurbished at schools in and around Dar es Salaam. Most schools in Tanzania have no access to water, which affects students’ ability to stay at school for the day, and has a direct impact on sanitation and health and wellbeing. Providing water wells also alleviates the need for schools to spend much-needed funds on purchasing water, and allows them to focus on purchasing necessities such as text books, paper and pencils; items that are so readily available to students here in Australia.

ATYA has also constructed 25 classrooms in overcrowded schools and provided text books and other educational resources to thousands of Tanzanian students.

In addition to attending to these needs, ATYA has conducted three professional development courses for Tanzanian teachers, two in Tanzania and one in Western Australia.

NIRA Children and Youth Orphans Foundation ("NIRA")
A major project for the Foundation has been partnering in the funding and operation of the Safina Foundation, which in turn is providing much needed funds to NIRA. NIRA is a registered orphanage in Tanzania but doesn’t receive any Government funding and operates solely from donations it receives. It is currently extremely rundown and in need of extensive repairs.

NIRA currently provides full-time care for 20 children orphans at the orphanage itself.  It also provides food and education support to a further 23 children who are living in extreme poverty due to the death of family members and the inability to provide sufficient basic needs to survive.  It is run and managed by Edithrose Moyo, who has received para-social worker training from members of a Twinning Center partnership funded by the American people through PEPFAR and USAID. Edithrose has done a remarkable job, virtually single handed, for over 10 years and with Safina Foundation’s involvement it is hoped to be able to undertake significant capital works to bring the orphanage to a liveable condition for these orphans to feel safe and secure. Safina Foundation’s funding of renovations to the orphanage, as well as the drilling of a water well to provide the children and caregivers with clean water for drinking, cooking and sanitation, have already made a substantial difference to living conditions.

The Foundation is responsible for the ongoing coordination of all of these activities including overseeing and responding to requests for assistance, whether in the form of legal or other services or monetary contributions. All requests for assistance of any nature whatsoever should be directed initially to our Office Manager for consideration by the Trustees.

If you are interested in the operations of The MPH Foundation or would like to assist with any of the Foundation’s endeavours we welcome additional assistance and would be delighted to speak with you about the opportunities which exist.